Vintage Small Living Room Ideas with Fireplace

Living room is an important thing in our house. It is a kind of multifunctional room that commonly used for many activities. It is not only used for gathering with guests or family, living room sometimes also used for take a nap, watching TV, and many more. Therefore, it is very important to make or decorate the living room becomes a comfortable place. In designing a living room, people nowadays prefer to choose modern design.

Make Your Guests Feel Cozy with Fireplace in Your Living Room

However, some of them who like classic things, they prefer design their living room with vintage and traditional styles. A vintage living room style commonly will be filled with a classic or old furniture and stuff as the decoration. One thing that can make your living room has a vintage looks is by putting a fireplace in it. Fireplace also can be a focal point in your living room. A fireplace certainly will need a room space. For you who have a small living room, you also still can put a fireplace in it. Here we give you some small living room Ideas with Fireplace that can make your living room looks classic and unique.

  1. Natural Fireplace

Fireplace is very typical with bricks and stones. Setting your fire place in a stone or bricks is a perfect small living room Ideas with Fireplace. It can make your small living room looks natural. To make this kind of fireplace, you can let the wall for fireplace area still in bricks. Moreover, you can also add some wallpaper with vintage pattern to the wall, to make it look natural and vintage. You also can add two small sofas near the fireplace.


  1. Use a Firescape Arts

Nowadays there are a lot of modern Living room fireplace designs. One of them is by placing firescapes arts. Besides, you also can use it as living room divider to separate it with another room. So, you do not need another space or folding screen for a room divider.


  1. Put a TV and Fireplace together

A small living room certainly will have limited space. Therefore, you can hack your Small living room with fire place and TV. However, to put a fireplace and TV on the wall needs a balance. You also need to consider the size of that stuff when figuring the best layout. Actually, there are several great positions of fireplace and television that you can applied in your living room. First, you can place your TV directly above the fireplace. Do not forget to consider the wall colors. It is better to use the same color like the fireplace to make great balance. Otherwise, you can separate the TV and fireplace. However, you must consider if you want separate this two focal points. Think carefully whether you want to make your guest prefer seeing the TV or fireplace

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