Top Kitchen Backsplash Designs Ideas

Kitchen nowadays becomes a space for cooking, gathering, even relaxing. Due to its great functions, why not designing your kitchen as amazing as possible? As cooking or preparing meals, we sometimes spoil some dirt into kitchen. However, having kitchen backsplash can help you protecting your kitchen and make it keep cleaning. Today, kitchen backsplash not only serves as kitchen-wall protector, but also to make it looks more amazing. There are a lot of kitchen backsplash designs that could make your kitchen looks more inviting. Even, gorgeous kitchen backsplash becomes the focal point for modern kitchen. See these kitchen backsplash designs concepts for more inspirations!


Warm and Fresh Kitchen Backsplash

As preparing meals, we surely needs something fresh and warm that can make us feel more comfortable. To create warm and fresh kitchen, a simple earth-friendly backsplash can be great for your kitchen. You can pick kitchen backsplash designs with floral or plant patterns and motifs. Otherwise, creams, soft green, warm grays, or brown color scheme also can be great choice.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Simple and modern kitchen backsplash designs can be said as people’s favorite. For simple kitchen, you can pick white paper backsplash or other neutral colors. Otherwise, you can also use reclaimed wood backsplash for kitchen with open concept. This kind of backsplash really works well with stainless steel appliances. A mirrored backsplash also can be great alternative for kitchen with smaller space. This could make your kitchen looks larger and brighter. Mirrored backsplash goes well almost with all kitchen concepts.

Vintage Kitchen Backsplash

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your kitchen looks vintage and antique. Adding simple hardwood backsplash can give more traditional sense to your kitchen. Otherwise, if you get bored with wood stuffs, you can ceramic for the kitchen backsplash with brown colors. A sandstone pattern made of quartzite materials also can make your kitchen looks like more vintage and elegant. Besides, brickwork pattern can be great idea for kitchen backsplash.

Unique Kitchen Backsplash

Why not adding something new and unique to your kitchen? You can simply start by placing unique patterned backsplash into your kitchen. Today, there are a lot of backsplash made of unusual materials such as recycled glass, repurpose plywood, industrial steel, and others. Even this looks so different than other backsplash materials; this could as special touch to your lovely kitchen. Rather than to use these unusual materials, you can just use colorful glass for the backsplash to make it looks artistic.

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