Tips on Designing Small Kitchen Spaces

Designing small kitchen spaces sometimes become a lucky day because you don’t have to spend lots of money, but at the other time it can be very challenging. A wrong move on choosing the design idea often ruin the overall looks and end up make the kitchen cramped. So, here are some tips how to get simple kitchen designs for small spaces by only small decorating effort you can follow to save your kitchen.

Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Spaces

First thing from simple kitchen designs for small spaces is playing with colors. It plays important role on creating hues in the kitchen. Some people may play it safe with all-white color scheme. However, you can do more by combining neutral tone like white or pastel color with more depth from vibrant hue. For example, paint the wall and cabinets in white to create spacious feeling in the room. Then, you can steal your eye-focus with dramatic color or pattern from appliances to window treatments. You can create your favorite kitchen style from classic to modern or formal to casual.

Assessing lighting is one of important things on simple kitchen designs for small spaces. Look up above the center island and install a pair of pendant. You can also install under cabinet lights to eliminate the hidden shadow that make the room gloomy. If you choose to paint the room in darker scheme like brown, you should consider install LED lights which can illuminate to every single part of the room. Build a big window glass is also a great choice to bring the outside lights inside.

Two-in-one is a must in small spaces kitchen. One thing in the kitchen should be able to serve double-duty to save spaces. For example, cabinets and shelves are not just used to store dishes or appliances. With some proper touches, you can turn your open shelves or glass-front cabinets become a place to stack cooking books or other compliments. Or if you have limited space to store lots of kitchen things, you should built a standing-pantry in the little space between your refrigerator and walls.

Last is play with visual. In talk about simple kitchen designs for small spaces, you shouldn’t let any kitchen appliances, spices, or other things clutter. However, focusing in simplicity doesn’t mean you should take away all the things from your visual, but it’s more about how to keep everything in the place. When your small kitchen is clutter-free, the room will be more engaging certainly.

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