Tips for Making Rooms Feel Bigger than It Should Be (Part 2)

In the last furniture tips, we already give the ideas how to plan a layout of your room. This second part will give you tips and tricks on how to create space so that your room looks spacious.

The tips have brought to you by Amara and elledecor.

Step 2 : Create a space

Step 2.1 : Float furniture

Position a furniture 3-4 inches from the wall or add a narrow console table in the gap. By leaving space,
your eyes will think the room is bigger than it should be because there will be an illusion in which a wall is further away than it actually is.

Step 2.2 : Add stripes

Stripes of high-contrast colour and equal widths have an expanding effects. As such, it can elongate a room.Knowing these facts, choose striped pattern for rug or sofa. Make sure lines align lengthways with the room for best results.

Step 2.3 : Reflect the room

This old trick sure will make your room looks bigger. Mirrors not only reflect an image but also light and colour. The mirrors should be place strategically to extend a room. For optimal effect, face the mirrors lengthways.

Step 2.4 : Go see-through

Consider to put glass tables and Lucite chairs. They both amplify light, allowing them to radiate throughout a room. The transparency of both will give an airy fell to the room.

Step 2.5 : Hang low

Artworks and photos must be hang lower than usual to give an impression of a taller ceiling. By opening up the walls and ceiling, there will be extra bare space that makes the room fell larger.

Step 2.6 : Experiment with angels

Angled furniture will draw eyes to the larger focal point of a room. Knowing such fact, try to arrange furniture diagonally if possible.

Step 2.7 : Split lighting

Instead of having one light source from overhead lighting, arrange lamps around the room to have different light source. The eyes will be drawn to different corners of a room as light fills more dark spaces.

Step 2.8 : Open the room

Do not make furniture block room entrances and windows. Clear windows create the illusion of depth by connection a room with the outdoors.
Sure, there will always be trial and error as part of the process in arranging a room. However, these 14 tips and tricks will make your room looking spacious and functional a lot quicker.

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