Tips for Making Rooms Feel Bigger than It Should Be (Part 1)

Having spacious rooms in a big house is probably everyone’s dream. However, with lots of furniture, it is
up to the owner to arrange them in such a way that the rooms will look spacious and feel bigger.

Amara, a luxury home goods store, shared an infographic to help home owners perform 14 tricks to help optimize the space in any given rooms. You might need studying about these tips and tricks and going over trials and errors to have the best furniture arrangement.

Here are the tips as told by ellendecor: 

Step 1 : Plan your layout 

Step 1.1 : Consider the function of your room 

The right furniture arrangement will help make any room a functional, coherent space, even when the room
is considered small. When your room is small but you cannot or will not get rid of your sofa, here are some
tips you might consider so that you can “fool” the eye.

Before starting to lift the furniture, have some sketch of where you will put the furniture. First thing first,consider the function of the room; the purpose and how many people will use that room. To facilitate conversation between people, place chairs not more than 8 feet apart.

Step 1.2 : Focus your room

Arrange furniture around a focal point of the room. The focal point can be a TV, large window, or fireplace. Give your room a structure by doing this. When you consider TV as the focal point, you must be planning to watch television in the room. The ideal distance between the set and the setting is three times the size of the screen, measured diagonally. For example, if your TV is 40-inch, you should arrange your chair 120 inches away.

Step 1.3 : Prioritize large pieces

Begin planning where your large furniture will be set. Beds and sofas should be prioritized as they take the most space in your room. After that, your can consider the smaller pieces to be put around them. Allow at least 24 inches between the side of the bed and a wall and at least 36 inches between the bed and a swinging door if you plan to arrange the bedroom.

Step 1.4 : Think about layout

To give a formal feel, arrange your room in a symmetrical layout. In contrast, asymmetrical arrangements give out a more casual feeling. Layout like this is particularly relevant in dining room. Give at least 48 inches between each edge of the table and the nearest wall of piece of furniture.

Step 1.5 : Keep traffic moving

–Think where foot traffic will flow especially when the room has two doors. Direct traffic around seating,not through it and keep path clear of obstacles. Do not block the path with any large pieces of furniture if you can avoid it. Give 30-48 inches of width for major traffic routes and a minimum of 24 inches of width for minor areas.

Step 1.6 : Maintain comfort

Place coffee tables and lamps within reach of sitting areas. The coffee table should be located 14-18 inches from a sofa to provide a perfect legroom.

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