The Best Simple Kitchen Sets for Small Areas Designs and Tips

Having a minimalist house sometimes can be confusing thing, especially when it comes to home design. As designing small home, we need to be careful, so our home will not look crowded and mess. Besides living room, kitchen becomes another area which needs more hard-work as designing it. However, today there are a lot of simple kitchen sets for small areas which can make the kitchen looks larger and more organize. Want to get some ideas for your small kitchen? Here’s take a look at simple kitchen sets for small areas concept for some inspirations.

A Simple Kitchen Sets for Small Areas

When it comes to simple kitchen sets for small areas, it means we are talking about kitchen set and dining room design. Adjoining kitchen and dining room certainly becomes best alternative for smaller room with limited space. As purchasing the kitchen sets, make sure you choose it based on your needs. As designing small kitchen, you can pick the small dining sets for 4 people. This one becomes the most favorite simple kitchen sets for small areas. Otherwise, if you have fewer family members, you can just purchase simple dining set for 2 people. The simple kitchen set with rounded tables can be great idea for modern or vintage kitchen designs.

Tips for Choosing Simple Kitchen Sets for Small Areas

In choosing simple kitchen sets, there are several things that you actually need consider. First, make sure you measure the kitchen areas before purchasing the kitchen set. Do not forget to leave some space about 48 inches for the walking space, so you can freely move around while preparing food. Pick the small table for about 30 inches. If you live in condo, picking drop-leaf table would be better.

Next, you can pick simple kitchen sets with built-in shelves to add more storage space. You can put glasses, forks, plate, and other dining appliances for giving more space. Besides built-in shelves, picking round table is better than the square one. Rounded table provides more space for more chairs. Otherwise, if you have big family members, you can simply pick the kitchen sets coupled with bars which serves as dining table.

Lastly, if you own corner banquet, you can serves it as dining area. Starts by purchasing a small round table and put in front of the banquette. You can pick wood table to make it looks artistic and vintage. Add some patterned pillow to add more interesting looks.

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