The Best Living Room Divider Wall Ideas and Concepts

Home designing sometimes can be tricky thing, especially if you own smaller home. Most people hire interior designer in order to get good design for their home. A design interior surely knows how to make your home look larger by saving some space. However, you actually can do the same by using divider wall. You can put living room divider wall to give some private from the guest. Separating living room by using wall divider also can make both your family and guest feels more comfortable. Want to get some living room divider wall ideas? Let’s take a look to these best living room ideas with divider wall!

Add More Privacy and Comfort by Using Living Room Divider Wall

  1. Big Cabinet/Shelf Divider

Owning a big cabinet? Now you can use it as a wall divider. You can simply putting your big cabinet between your living room and other area. To make it looks better, put some decorations in it such as your family picture, cup, or others. Otherwise, you also can use big bookshelf as the divider. Avoid putting loads of books or other stuffs, so your living rooms will not looks too crowded and mess.

  1. Non-living Plants

Want to make your living room looks more alive? Adding some big non-living plants could be a great idea for living room divider wall. Otherwise, you can buy hanging non-living plants to separate your living room with other rooms. Non-living plants not only does as room divider, but also it can make your living room looks more interesting. It also can offer fresh and comfortable impression.

  1. Simple Curtain

If a big cabinet looks too big for your living room, just use a simple curtain as room divider. To make it more interesting, do your own DIY curtains with some decoration and accessories. As using curtain as divider, make sure you choose the right color just like your living room colors. Having half curtain could be better where this makes you easier moving to another room.

  1. Folding Screen and Mirror

When it comes to room divider, people mostly use folding screen to separate two areas. You can just put folding screen between your living room and another area. Folding screen is kind of the best one to divide rooms due to its removable features. Thus, you can easily fold it as it is not used anymore. Besides folding screen, a big mirror also can be good divider where it can make your loom larger and cleaner.

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