The Best Kitchen Sitting Area Designs Concepts

Nowadays, kitchen is not about for cooking meals, but also for eating, family gathering, or even relaxing. Having some relaxing time at kitchen may sound weird. However, now most people starting to enjoy kitchen sitting area designs. The design provides you some benefits of both kitchen and dining or living room at the same time.

Simply just put small dining table or two sofas near the kitchen. This could be truly great alternative for you who own smaller house. Besides, kitchen sitting area designs could make you get close to family as you cooking or preparing meal. Even, this design also could help you keep an eye on your kids while doing your kitchen activities. Do you need some inspiration for the design? See these simple and modern designs ideas for minimalist home.

Modern Kitchen Sitting Area Designs Ideas

As combining kitchen and sitting area, using comparable colors or shades in both rooms will make the each room feels connected as a whole one. You simply can use neutral color like white, soft brown, or grey for simple design. Otherwise, yellow, pastels, or green also works well to make the rooms more alive and colorful. If you want to try something new, you can put some unique or colorful furniture to the dining room. This one can make your kitchen sitting room becomes more inviting and fascinating. Placing a sofa together with small round table can be good idea for having a cup of coffee and great book.

Having a separated dining room surely needs more spaces in the house. Besides, it also can make you harder while preparing meals. Thus, adjoining both kitchen and dining area can be the one to go. Pick a small dining table for four near the kitchen. Or else, you can simply pick the adjoining countertop that provides bar or pantry seating for. This can give you open kitchen sitting are with more spaces. A cabinet all along the wall also can offer some space to function as dining table.

Another ways to design kitchen sitting room is by putting modern small table in a conventional area. A vivid white table can help your traditional kitchen looks greater. The combination of white furniture and natural wood offers elegant impression.  In the corner of the room, you can use it as working area by adding L-shaped bench coupled with a table. What’s more, adding two matching pillows also can be great idea for additional comfort layer.

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