Small Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for Small Space House

You need small bedroom interior design ideas? You can try these ideas below!


  1. Keep Things Open

Big bed might be one of best small bedroom interior design ideas to make your bedroom look luxurious. But when you choose big bed in a small bedroom, it tends to cause your room become overcrowded. The best bed for small bedroom is a bed with small size which won’t coke your room. An iron bed with a see-through footboard and headboard is one of best beds for small bedroom. You can also consider a bed with no footboard at all such as storage or platform bed. Using this type of bed will keep the middle of your bedroom open and it feel larger.


  1. Create focal point

Every room needs a focal point including your small bedroom. An eye-catching spot in your bedroom will make the atmosphere of your room better. Some focal points that you can use in bedroom are by decorating the bed, the walls, or the window. You can arrange your pillow with bold pillow sheets. You can place your bed in front of the window so it can blend well. You can place some photographs or decorations on your walls. Whatever your choice is, the result will make your room fun!


  1. Storage

In small bedroom, every square inch can become potential storage when you use this small bedroom interior design ideas. Although you can stack clothing boxes under your bed, but if you choose to add a voluminous skirt and boost the bed frame on blocks, you can hide a set of boxes and luggage under your bed. To hold extra bedding, you can consider a storage ottoman placed under the window. And to gain drawer space, using a chest as a bedside is very helpful. Using organizer system so your closet can be used for storage as maximum as possible. How to place your books? Just use wall where you can hang a bookshelf!


  1. Lighting

Lighting is also small bedroom interior design ideas. You can choose dark and cozy with chocolate brown or berry reds lamp. Or you can choose light and warm with windows and a light color on the wall such as sunshine yellow or cloud white. But you can embrace natural light that can help a small bedroom feel airy and light. Light-blocking shades and layer drapes for style. You can optimize light control in your bedroom.

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