Simplistic Arrangement Bathroom Design Minimalist Style

If you’re thinking about a bathroom design minimalist style, I am guessing that you need a way to save out your budget, whereas you expect to have an at least easy to clean and modern arrangement. And yes, you can actually have all of those with just a minimum wage, even you can add extra decoration out of it. Below, you can see tips that with just a 1.5 m x 1.5 m bathroom, you can have a bathroom design minimalist style without making it like a warehouse.

Arranging the elements

There are three main elements in the bathroom, that are the porcelains, or the place to put and use water like the shower, the toilet, and the washtafel; then the second one is the wall; and the last is the floor. The way you manage those is the key how to make an efficient bathroom. Try to make all of the porcelains in the same row, that way, you can manage the plumbing better on one area, rather make them go the opposite. An efficient plumbing back on the wall is one way to save you money too.

Play with your walls, add some ceramic floor on the wall so it can be easy to clean. Or put very large mirror on one side of the bathroom, for it can make a spacious illusion. Who doesn’t love abathroom design minimalist stylethat look big anyway? Add two different colours of wall to make it more playful and design-y. Split your wall half down half up, by putting mini ceramic on the downside of the wall while keeping the coloured cement wall on the upper side.  Don’t forget to make use of the wall too, you can add mini cupboards and some shelves, for all your hygiene needs.

The floor itself has to be easy to clean, and not slippery, because the water already makes the floor wet. Therefore, it is wise to have the floor to be textured rather than a marbled slick floor. To make a large illusion of your bathroom, the lighter colour can always do the trick. Since it will bounce the light of the bathroom, so it can also make the room appear brighter.

All in all, don’t forget that some decoration is nice too. Try to make it small and different mood colour with your walls and floor- for it can brighten up your bathroom design minimalist style. The shelf and the mini cupboard or the mirror itself can be a nice decoration too, find a unique looking one so the bathroom can be a visual pleasing place.

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