Rustic Interior Design Ideas Living Room

If you are living in a hectic city, it is normal missing a calm quiet village. In order to make you feel you are in a village, you can try design your house with a rustic style, especially the living room where a family gathered. The first thing you have to do is, ensure the function of your living room. And then, you can focus on the main furniture like sofas and table followed by the other decorating stuffs. The following below are rustic interior design ideas living room.

How to decorate a rustic living room

Usually people who want to decorate a rustic living room will make it boldly colorful or super neutral in color. It is better to balancing the color of the room, furniture, and decorating stuffs. If you want to highlight the sofas, you can choose them with bold color and style. But, if you prefer to have neutral furniture, you can enliven your living room by putting bold rustic style for the decorative items. Keep in mind that you can make rugs, curtains, and lighting functional and also as decorative items if you choose correctly.

What function of rustic living room

Nowadays, people tend to have one big room which has two functions, for guest living room and for family room. If you have a person like that, you have to know what your priority. If you are visited by guests often, maybe you need to decorate your rustic living room with formal design such as bar cart and the fireplace with its mantel to give a formal impression. But, if your family time is more often, you can take rustic interior design ideas living room such as putting a TV, complete with comfortable sofa and some console games which you can tidy up when the guest comes.

What kind of furniture for rustic living room

The first thing is you have to look your living room size. If it is not really big, having some cabinets and shelves such as built-ins, will be better to store your stuffs. But, if you think built-ins is rustic less, you can put big furniture which has multifunction like bookcase to store books and other stuffs, or window seat functioning to a nap station or reading place. Other rustic interior design ideas living room is, putting coffee table or ottomans where everyone can place their foot on is a must, since you want to have rustic living room.

That is all rustic interior design ideas living room you can apply. Do not forget to look the size and plan your living room function before decorate them to be a rustic one which will need big furniture.

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