Relaxing Bedroom Ideas with Grey Walls

Yes, there are SHADES of grey and not only one, there are dark grey, almost white grey, or 50% grey that can be made into paint. Grey colour sometimes is identic with dark and somber, but this is one of the neutral colours, it is a clean warm colour if you can’t decide what mood your room will be. The mood of grey colour is close to room with industrial, rustic, or even shabby chic. Even some café brave enough to use this colour. To have some bedroom ideas with grey walls can be dilemmatic, but this colour is an instant artsy mood that can warm your friend’s heart

Natural Grey

Unpainted plaster walls are automatic gained when you build up your house. Your bedroom may look industrial, just like it is unfinished. But it’s still comfy and elegeant for your room. Beside it is looking macho, the bedroom ideas with grey wallsthat is paired with another darker monochrome bed and furniture, can set the effect of dominant feeling. Just like a bachelor pad you always wanted.

Another way to play with natural colour of grey for bedroom ideas with grey walls, you can make your walls as rustic as possible. You can paint it rustic like it is old or stained with rain, or just put wallpaper on it. Use bed that is made with natural wood and pair it with metal elements. Ta daa! Your bed is now so unique and macho.

Cheerful Grey

Some bedroom ideas with grey wallscan be feminine as well. You just need to pick a quality wall paint to make it as smooth as possible. Add furniture and bed with pink or any other pastel colours that has feminine yet organic features. Such as round bedside table, some flowers, an Eames chair, and of course an elegant bedding.

To get rid of the boring colour of grey, try to add a fun unique pattern in the wall. Like adding a patterned DIY walls, or just adding wallpaper for instant result. The grey is a mix between white and black. Adding a mix primary colour with white or black, already match the grey colour in your room also. Knowing that grey is a neutral colour, you can also add one or two popping up colour, like bright red, or cyan to make variety to your room also. This way the greys is not as boring, or calming anymore, but it is an asset to be creative and fun.

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