Modern Rustic Interior Design

Formally, rustic presents a shabby impression, ugly, and unsightly. But in a present day, rustic is becoming the trend of interior design. Rustic style can be interpreted as a style in architectural and interior design, which emphasizes the natural impression, of unmixed material, such as wood, stone, metal, and so forth. For a warm view you should start looking into this rustic style. Rustic style will make your feels in the village or maybe you will feel warm as in the hometown. The use of furniture with brownish color, and soft-looking material will help you get a warm view. Here you can get more detail about Modern Rustic Interior Design.


Almost all the home interior can be designed with modern rustic style. The common interiors are table, couch, berth, closet, shelf and etc. However, there are other parts that match with this style such as ceiling, wall, floor, or other small stuff like light and photo frame.

In addition, you can juggle your old decoration to rustics design by your own. For example, if you have table lamp night, you can use brown rope to cover all the lamp body, this can make your lamp looks as Modern Rustic Interior Design in the home goods depot.

Another interior that can you change to look rust by your own is photo frame. Usually, people memorize their moment with displays their photo in the frame, you can use wooden material for the frame, but if you already have a lot of frame in your home, you can turn it into rustic style with painting them use a dark down cat. It is so simple, and easy to do.

Modern Rustic Interior Design not always means you should use a new interior. Actually, bring old stuff to look new is creative idea, as long as you have a time to do all the process, such as re-painting, or re-decorating.


As told before, that rustic interior design dominant with brownish stuff. Not stop there, Modern Rustic Interior Design normally use a wood as the main material. The wood itself have several kind, it can be red oak, walnut, brown maple, rustic cherry and etc. The selection of those wood materials must be adjusted with the furniture you want to make because every kind of wood has their own characteristics. For example, maple and oak is the common material for rustic interior design. Both of them give a deep rustic view, strength, and long term usage, they are so good for bedstead, or chair.

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