Modern Interior Design for Small House and Make It Looks Bigger

I know that some people confused in searching the solution for the room dividers, but these modern interior design for small house will help you to compromise with the small-cpace you have in your house. Let’s check it one by one!


  1. Kitchen storage

When you want to separate the kitchen from the dining area but you are also want to keep the entire space airy and open, you can use organized and open storage shelves. This shelves is appealing and eye-catching. Don’t use regular kitchen cupboards even it serves a useful purpose. By using a compact wall separator, you can transform your tiny kitchen and split it so you can have dining room and kitchen at the same time. The stand-in floor to top ceiling storage would be an amazing choice to collect your favorite kitchen items and pretty glassware.

  1. Bathroom storage

Narrow wall shelves are modern interior design for small house. The shelves are a great way to store bathroom necessities in a modern way. Buy an attractive containers to hold your favorite lotion, skin care, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. Place it under the vanity unsightly. Small bamboo baskets are useful as the decoration on the shelves for additional unseen storage in your bathroom.

  1. Bedroom space

Don’t let any extra space go unused in your small bedroom. When there is a small space or corner between two furniture, turn it into a simple and efficient workplace. By adding shelves above the desk, it will provide extra space to store and display your favorite books. Since the desk is built into the wall, it still leaves an open space in the bedroom although it takes up little room.

  1. Make multipurpose space

A multipurpose is unavoidable in modern interior design for small house. Your home office and guest bedroom must occupy in the same place. The best solution for this is by using the surrounding walls become your advantage. Create a simple desk unit and add shelves above it for storage. Buy a stylishly concealed bed which connected to the desk and can easily pull out for guests. You can store the bed for a spacious and creative workplace during the day.

  1. Lighting

Never use dark hue to make your small house appear larger. You can use a gray focal wall with white furniture and white built-in units to keeps the rest of the room open and light.

  1. Curtain divider

Modern interior design for small house need curtain divider to divide two space easily. A sheer and silk curtain will add a dramatic element in your house.

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