Medieval Living Room Furniture with Unique Design

Medieval living room furniture reflects the features and characteristic which are dominant in Europe during the 15th century. I today’s article, we will show you the most stunning furniture for Medieval living room that will make you fall in love with Medieval Era. The majority of those furniture will give a rustic touch to your living room’s décor. Some may appear simple and minimalist while others look more intricate.


  1. Lighting fixtures

The first medieval living room furniture are lighting fixtures. Please, don’t put a table lamp in your medieval living room wannabe. Because that’s not what the medieval royals and knights put in their castles. Instead of a table lamp, you go to the nearest vintage shop and go get unique candle holders, or you can just buy new wall lighting-fixtures as well. And it would be so much better if it had good-looking design. The most ideal lighting fixtures for medieval living room are those with mythical creatures such as dragons, pixies, or griffins. Those mythical creatures will give a pretty spooky atmosphere that every castle gives. And for candle, perhaps you are afraid that when you use candles, it might burn the whole house in the future, yet you can pick the lighting fixture that equipped with mock-candle and bulbs.

  1. Heavy Drapery

Medieval style is not very loving with summery prints and sheer white lace because that what Victorians would do. If you want to go with medieval style, you have to look for a heavy fabric with a dark shade. Probably, the most popular material for medieval décor is velvet. But maroon, dark purple, black, deep blue, and gold are also the ideal colors of medieval. Another tip to make your living room appear more medieval is by using no-sew fabric instead of a prim-looking curtain with chrome rings or loops. Sometimes those medieval living room furniture can turn out to be more charming.

  1. Metal Chandelier

If you choose a dainty crystal chandelier then you can never get medieval living room. Choose metal chandelier so that it can dictate the atmosphere of the whole room. You can choose a bulky vintage chandelier made from metals, such as brass or iron. Chandeliers are tricky decoration. It will look amazing in a large living room but gaudy in a small living room, think twice before you buy chandelier. And when you decided to buy chandeliers, put this medieval living room furniture in a right place. See whether the ceiling is high enough so no one in your home would get head injuries.

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