Make Your Small Kitchen More Spacious with Color Scheme

You may be unable to change the size of your room to make it more spacious. However, there is a way to give an illusion of your small kitchen like become larger and more open space. It’s by playing with color. Here are some small simple kitchen design ideas by creating an illusion with the color scheme. Check it out.

Color Combination Ideas for Small Kitchen

In small simple kitchen design ideas, white is always your best friend when you want play it safe. White helps to reflect light thoroughly like making the walls recede then enhance the sense of space of our eyes bigger. You can paint most of the part of the room include the walls, ceiling, cabinetry, and countertops, while seamlessly create a space without boundaries or edges. After using several shades of white, you can combine it with contrast tones to avoid the room give a hospital feeling because too sterile. You can use light brown for the countertops that contrast yet still give a feeling of calming. Then, you can bring the vibrant color like yellow and dark blue for small things such as kitchen appliances, flowery, drapery, or small chair beside the dining table.

Still using low contrast color with minor variation including white or other light colors for your small simple kitchen design ideas. Keep the color combination in the same family color, for example white and pastel colors to make everything blend into one. When the walls, cabinets, even the appliances blend each other, it creates the feeling of more spacious spaces than the actual size. However, you can choose to bring more lively feeling in the floors. Go with elongated pattern flooring like black and white geometric tiles to draw the eye lengthwise which surprisingly also make the room appears longer.

Yet, if you feel too bored with all-white kitchen, you can liven up the room with brighter color. The popular tones include the shades of blue or sea-green which create a cozy and natural feeling. You can bring mint green and sunny yellow tones to get a measure of vintage appeal. This type of color can be used to represent your personality for visual impact like playful and cheerful. For example, you don’t need to paint all the room with brighter coating, but simply paint a single accent wall, the interiors of cabinets, or the kitchen island to draw your attention when enter the kitchen. It works very well for your small simple kitchen design ideas.

Or just be braver! You can use go with a deep shade of black, navy, even red for small simple kitchen design ideas to bring more major drama effect in the kitchen. Just have fun trying combining your favorite colors.

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