Living Room Designs Indian Style for Artistic Impression

The place in our house which can show a sense of style the best that everyone can see it free is living room. In there, we accept guests, then those people can get to know by looking around our living room about how much style that we have in ourselves. Living room doesn’t need to be huge or extravagant, as long as it is able to shows who we really are and what we really love, it is enough. Below are living room designs Indian style that you can look up to.

Living room designs Indian style relied heavily upon the use of craft and art which made from metals, dark toned wood, and also bold use of colors. These styles shows a bit of both cultural and religious traces. Here’s our designs to give your living room an Indian style.

  1. Add for metallic or brass effect in Living Room

You can arrange for wooden tables, chests, or cabinets in crafted designs. You can also place some decorative items of Brass such as statues, idols, or pots on top of that. Alternatively, you can use a large sized mirror in dark wood to add metallic or brass effect in your living room. Besides those decorative items, paintings of Gods and Goddess in wooden frame are also a good idea. Hang them in the center of prominent wall or hang it in place of high visibility.

  1. Use wood craft as wall hangings:

Go to art shop or vintage shop that sells traditional wooden craft stuff in dark wood and then hang it as wall hangings. A set pretty wall hanging pieces of crafts can give an Indian vibes to your living room. To add a quick cultural essence toliving room designs Indian style, you can add a wooden photo frame on wall.

  1. Paint a traditional ethnic wall art

It is a brilliant idea to paint the wall in your living room with the tribal art to decorate it. You can even write a special message in wall art form or create a nice story line on the wall. Increase the whole pattern by using wall hangings or maybe earthen pots to give it a rural or an ancient royal look.

  1. A sacred place inside living room

Living room designs Indian style can be a small Puja corner. Choose an area in living room for segregations that can provided for 4-5 people of sitting.

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