How to Bring Indian Style into Your Small Kitchen Spaces

When you imagine Indian kitchen, you might think about kitchen that full of delicious and spicy food. Through its healthy ingredients and quick recipes, they can create a healthy and delicious serving in their kitchen. For that reason, kitchen for Indian homes need to have organized and systematic design and decoration. In this way, the kitchen can bring easy work manner for the homeowners. Here are some ideas of small kitchen design Indian style you can try before decorating.

Indian Style for Your Small Kitchen Spaces

Cabinetry is prominent in the kitchen with Indian style. Especially for small kitchen design Indian style, modular kitchen design with compact furniture arrangements is the most popular option. A well-organized kitchen design will help to enhance the easier, quicker, and simpler cooking activities in the kitchen room. A compact furniture arrangement also helps a small kitchen look simple and neat to give an illusion more spacious spaces.

You can choose to channelize your drawer system in the small kitchen design Indian style. In this way, you or other family members who want to cook can easily pull out the drawer during their cooking activities. It’s because Indian cooking style usually need lots of ingredients include spices which placed inside the drawer. So, channelize drawer system help to enhance a faster, convenient and more energy saving cooking time. Taking out jars, bottles, plates, containers, or other cooking appliances will be easier.

The other option is installing special spice rack just to the right of your pantry. Indian tin ware tradition gives an inspiration of spice rack with highly functional system to hold dozens of jars, bottles, etc. If your small kitchen design Indian style doesn’t let you to get more spaces to install spice rack outside, you can choose to install very slim pantry which can be easily pull-out from the tiny space area between your refrigerator and walls. It’s a great way to save more space open in the walls near the stove and sink.

Rather than taking time pulling out drawers or pantry doors, you should opt for open shelves and racks on the counter top. This open shelves or racks make you easily find the ingredients you are need to provide faster work. It gives more smooth and un-interrupted cooking process where you can easily taking out unending list of oil, spices, ghee, and much more in front of your eyeballs. Now, whether you want to cook curry or other Indian dishes with thick soup and rich flavor, you don’t have any problem anymore in your kitchen.

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