Furniture Ideas : How to Set Your Dining Room Elegantly

Going by the description, dining room is a place to have meals on a daily basis. However, as modern houses tend to get smaller and smaller, eating can occur in all over the place. Nowadays, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, even bedrooms in modern houses are indistinguishable because the house are small. Especially, the rooms division in apartments.

Aside from those facts, it is nice to dine in a special room for special occasions. With limited space in a house, it is up to us to set an elegant dining room that will look just as good as a dedicated dining room in a mansion.

Basically, there are two options for us to set an elegant dining room. Consider the space, budget, and the purpose of will-be-decorated dining room to know which furniture you need to arrange.

Basic Dining Room Set for Small Rooms

The first one is the basic dining room set. This setting is recommended small rooms. The only furniture you need is a table and a few chairs. Just make sure that you have enough chairs for people who want to dine in the place. Keep the decoration simple to create an elegance impression when dealing with smaller rooms. It is better to show modesty rather than trying to be pretentious.

Of course, the perk of having small rooms is on the budget. Since the needed furniture to purchase are fewer, you can consider buying furniture with superior quality. The rule of thumb is to prefer quality over quantity.

Formal Dining Room Set for Big Rooms

If you have a big room, then you can set a more formal dining room. It is more expensive than the basic ones obviously. You need a descent amount of space to set a table large enough for six persons, six chairs, and a buffet. You can consider a china cabinet if you have more budget.

Larger group of people needs more food to feed them. This is why you need to set a buffet. The buffet is the perfect solution if you invite a lot of people in your dinner. Providing buffet will also save the table space so that the guests can dine comfortably.

You should always prefer a rectangular table to a square table especially if dealing with more than four people. The rectangular table is generally the better choice than square or round ones. While round table seems to provide more space or room for a centrepiece, it may block people’s view of each other. This kind of table will hinder conversations, something we do not want in a dinner. Otherwise, the situation would be really awkward, isn’t it?

Choosing the Material, Colour, and Style of Your Dining Room Set

First and foremost, it is your dining room. So, it is up to you what style you want to apply for your dining room. Be it classic, country, or contemporary, there are kinds of furniture styles that will apply to your criteria.

Now, what material should you choose for your dining room? People often buy wood, metal, and glass furniture above all else for tables. They are the most common materials, looks great, and generally have better durability. However, if you want to pass down the furniture to the next generation, you can consider to buy furniture that is made from good heavy hardwoods.

When looking for the desired furniture, pick the ones that appeal to you. Do not pick something thinking it would be good to set in your house. Furniture is a big investment. It can be moved to other setting. In case you move to new house, you need to match the room to the furniture, not the other way around. If you compare it, a fine furniture is more expensive than curtains and paints.

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