Do You Really Need to Fix Your Furniture?

Furniture, like any other things, are prone to damage. It seems inevitable that one day, furniture needsrepairing. However, the average price of furniture repair is about $150. With a very high quality furniture,you can expect to spend $250 to extend the life of your $400 couch for three years. But should you fix yourfurniture when replacing it is a cheaper option? To find the real answers about that issue, here are someconsiderations that repairing furniture is an investment in the future.

1. Your furniture has been around your houses like forever

You have favourite furniture that you brought everywhere whenever you moved house. If the furniture has
survived in previous homes, we still think that it is worth fixing. The furniture is maybe not as attractive aswhen it was new but if properly repaired it will probably look as good as new.

2. Your furniture is made of quality materials

Quality materials like wood and leather should not be discarded uselessly. In fact, chairs and tables madeof solid wood can last from generation to generation. Meanwhile, leather is like wine, it grows better withage. So, any furniture that is upholstered in leather can actually be prettier as time went.
In contrary, furniture made from cheap materials such as cheap fabric and man-made board are consideredlow quality. We advised to replace this kind of furniture instead of fixing them.
However, sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish the low quality and high quality materials especiallyif the materials in question are none of your expertise. When in doubt, ask someone who has experience inthe field.

3. Your furniture is expensive

You should preserve furniture you buy with lots of money. As usual, the more you pay, the better thefurniture. Although it is possible get scammed and pay high price for worthless room decors, that chance isslim. If you buy in a reputable shop, it is highly unlikely that they will screw up their reputations byscamming you. That said, buying in these shops would ensure you got the top quality furniture.

4. It is assembled furniture

Furniture that is purchased as a complete piece is in general has a higher quality than the flat-packedfurniture that needs to be assembled at home. This general rule surely does not apply in all furniture but isalso hardly something to dismiss. Skilled furniture makers that focus in building quality furniture do notwant that quality to be diminished by an unskilled homeowner putting them improperly.

5. Your furniture is unique, a.k.a. custom built

Among the mass-produced pieces, custom-built furniture holds a special treatment in both the furnituremaker and the owner. Yes, it is not as popular as it once was. However, custom-built is a solution to buildinga new piece of furniture which is personal (you help design the piece) in a highest quality possible. Customfurniture in average cost $2,000. We sometimes need to look past the price range to make an investment!

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