Contemporary Interior Design for Apartment, Simple & Efficient

Do you have a dream of having a contemporary apartment in your life? Well, this contemporary interior design for apartment can make your dream come true. The interior design is combined with a modern arrangement and smart decorating which is suitable for both small and big apartments. Besides that, this post will give you some contemporary tips that are needed by you who dream of contemporary apartment. The design is inspiring you to create your dream apartment come true. Just take a look below before you don’t have the chance.


According to Andrea Castrignano, an interior designer, contemporary interior design for apartment will bring positive vibes around your surroundings. His skills has been successfully creating a contemporary apartment with his ideas of interior design. You can follow his ideas. First, let’s take a look at the living room. For living room, he painted it with a shade of semi-monochrome which is filled with white and light gray or dark gray colors. The purpose of painting the wall with semi-monochrome shades is to make the living room more fashionable and of course, natural. You can consider create some dimensional hexagons on the wall to make the living room interesting. To make the living room brighter, use a white curtain for your windows in order to spread a natural sunlight well. Instead of dark gray couch, place a light gray couch in the middle of the living room.


Contemporary interior design for apartment should be clean and modern. Similar with the living room, semi-monochrome colors are suitable for kitchen too! Some kitchen furniture such as table, chair, cabinet, kitchen sets with white and gray colors are best for contemporary kitchen. Make your kitchen perfect with wooden floor and painted it with white color so your kitchen will look clean and large. You can apply this method for dining room. Wooden floor, wooden chairs, wooden table, white-painted wall will make you feel cozy while enjoying the meals. On the ceiling above the dining room,hangs up three circle pendant lights to make the atmosphere become warm.


Bedroom is necessary room for you. Apply this contemporary interior design for apartment. Decorate your bedroom all over the area with suitable decorating such as a unique pendant light above the bed and place an artwork on the wall. To make your bedroom harmonious, use one basic color for your bedroom and bathroom. Applied cool tone such as green.

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