Bedroom Arrangement Tips for Small Size Room

Bedroom is one of important rooms in a house. When decorating a bedroom, make sure that you decorate it as comfortable as possible. A comfortable bedroom certainly will make your sleep or rest become more relax. In decorating it, there are some points that must you consider like colors, furniture, and location. Decorating a bedroom actually can be a fun thing. However, sometimes we get confused in decorating a small bedroom because it is delimiting us to be creative while decorating it.

Makes Your Bedroom Looks Larger with Decent Arrangements

Therefore, in decorating a small bedroom we must be good in arranging it. Here we provide you some bedroom arrangement tips that you can apply while decorating your bedroom.

  1. Choose The Right Layout

There are a lot of ways of bedroom arrangement tips, one of them is by choosing the right Bedroom furniture layout. Commonly, when having a small bedroom, people will place the bedroom right next to the wall. However, if you don’t like it, you can leave a little space in one side. You can put a shelf which will works well in corner. Moreover, on another larger space, you can place the cabinets or bedside chest beside your bed.

  1. Pick Small size bed

For a small size room, it is better for you to choose a small bed which equipped with small cabinet under the bed. However, if the bed does not equipped with cabinet, you can place some boxes under the bed. Those boxes can be used to keep your stuff like books, bags and other. Therefore, there is no untidy stuff on the floor. If you have enough budgets, you can order a bunk bed set which already include desk and cabinet or shelf under the bed.

  1. Put some furniture

Furniture sometimes can make bedrooms looks crowded and stuffy. Then, how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room? If you want to add some furniture, make sure you choose the right furniture. Do not choose the large size furniture because it will need a big space. You better to choose the upper cabinet or shelf rather than the wide one. For the shelf, you can choose a small shelf that can be hanged in the wall. Therefore, you do not need a space for putting the shelf. Another important thing that must you put in your bedroom is a mirror. A big mirror in your bedroom surely can make your bedroom looks larger.

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