Bed Sizes (Part 3 of 3)

Back again with the Bed sizes article here. In the last articles, we already discussed Twin/Singles and Extra-Long Beds, Double/Full and Queen size Beds. In this article, we will talk about the King Size Bed and itsderivative.

King Size Beds generally have two sizes and four names. These different names can make you confusedwhen you want to go shopping for beds. In general, here is a breakdown of King Size Beds naming andsizes:

1.   Standard King

Standard King Bed is also called Eastern King beds. The overall dimension of this size is 76” wide x 80”long. It is about 16” wider than a Queen Bed but have the same length. A Standard King is about 4” widerthan a California King. With this size, its width per person is 38”.

The advantages of having Standard King Beds are it is the most comfortable beds for two adults, it is thewidest bed most commonly available in stores, and it is easy to buy the sheets. For most people, havingbeds with 80” length is sufficient. They also have little to no difficulties to find bedding for this bed size because sheets labelled “King Size” will fit a Standard King bed.

However, a Standard King bed is not practical to be moved by a single person. It is hard to move the bedupstairs or through narrow, winding hallways, and of course to small rooms. For very tall people, StandardKing beds maybe not long enough. Bedding for King Size beds is generally the most expensive. Peopleneed to think about the cost of buying at least 3 standard or 2 queen or king pillows.

2. California King

California King Bed, also called Western King Bed, are the longest bed commonly available in stores. Its
overall dimensions are 72” wide x 84” long. It is 12” wider than a Queen Bed and 4” longer. However, itis 4” narrower than a Standard King bed. So, the width per person is 2” narrower than a Standard King Bed;which is 36”. With this size, a California King is the best choice for tall people.

The Pros of choosing California King for the room is that it is wide enough for two to sleep comfortably;the longest bed commonly available; and recommended for tall people.

On the other hand, the California King bed is also the most difficult bed to move. It maybe cannot gothrough stairs, narrow hallways, or fit in small bedrooms.

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