Bed Sizes (Part 1 of 3)

Beds come in many sizes. At least in the United States of America, there are Single, Double, Twin, Queen,King, Western King, California King, and Full. These terms are confusing to people who do not know theexact size of each terms. Even salesperson in the local department may not know of these terms.
You probably can already guessed that a King size bed is larger than a Queen size bed. But, for how muchlarger? This article will help you understand the sizes of beds on the market. In addition, we also want tohelp you to choose the suitable beds for you.

You might want to note that some manufacturers use a custom-cutting beds that is larger or smaller thanthe standards sizes. However, whether you would like to order a custom size bed, you must remember thatyou probably would have trouble finding bedding to fit your custom size bed.
In this Part 1 article, we will explain the differences between Twin, Single, and Extra-Long Twin Beds.

1. Twin beds, also known as single beds, are the first kinds of bed sizes that we will explain. Twin beds are commonly used in children’s rooms and multi-use guest rooms.
Due to its size, single beds are narrow and fit easily into small bedrooms. It is not unusual for single bedsto have a “trundle” underneath it. The “trundle” function is to accommodate a sleep-over or second guest.Bunk beds used single/twin beds, too.
Now, we move to talk about the overall dimensions of twin beds. The common size are 39” wide x 75”long, with width per person in 39”. Of course, with this size, the advantages of using single beds are cheaper
than other available bed sizes and can fit most of the bedrooms. You can also find sheet sizes in lots ofpatterns. On the other hand, adults may find a standard twin size bed too short for their legs.

2. Twin Extra-Long Beds
Twin extra-long beds is 5” longer than a standard twin/single. You can find this kind of beds in collegedorm rooms, where tall teens live. The overall dimensions of twin extra-long beds are 39” wide and 80”long, with width per person in 39”.
Taller teens and adults may find this type of bed more suitable than the standard ones. You can also put thetwin extra-long beds in a narrow room. Bring two extra long twins in a room so that you have more choices;use them as singles or form a king size bed by pushing them together. However, you might find the beddingfor this type of bed difficult.

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