Barn Style House Plans with Classic 70’s Models

Exposed wood, rustic beams, and pitched ceilings are all hallmarks of a country home. Today’s house plans are barn-inspired which are incorporate such traditional essentials but also add modern touches such as sleek fixtures or a monochromatic white palette. And there are some otherwise modern spaces that will add country-inspired flair such as repurposed barn doors to give a rustic-chic feel. Below are our barn style house plans that you can choose to get lovely barn-inspired houses that will provide an escape from city life.

Classic Barn Style House Plans

The plans for classic barn style house featured in this article are drawing inspiration from the past while embrace the present. The plans and ideas for barn style house are designed for 21st century living. All of the plans and ideas will feature open floor plans with chic amenities.For classic barn style house, you can use clapboard siding that will covers the exterior and also a walled stone terrace that will extends the living area to the outdoors.

The floor plan of classic barn style house encompasses of both medium and large living area on two levels. On the main level it will featured a towering great room with ceiling that is inspired by cathedral ceiling. The kitchen will be in the center of the main level that will facilitates traffic flow. At the rear of the plan there is master bedroom suite locate there. Additional tip is the master bedroom features dual vanity sinks and a large walk-in closet. Meanwhile, on the upper level there will be a spacious loft that will overlooks the soaring good room. Two bedrooms and one full bath with built-ins will occupy the remaining area on the upper level.

Simply Efficient Barn Style House Plans

This plans are inspired by the barn style houses and elegant simplicity of old farmhouses in Sweden’s west-central farming region. This plans will features 2 floors of living area with 3 bedroom and 2 baths. The simply elegant and efficient barn style house encompasses a medium living area on both levels. The plan for the first floor will include a dining, living, and kitchen area. The pantry, laundry closet, and powder room also included on the first floor. And for the remaining rooms which are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths will occupy on the second floor. The master bedroom suite are occupy there.

That’s barn style house plans for both classic and efficient house plans.

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