A Fresh Lime Green Living Room Decoration Ideas

Find out lime green living room decorating ideas for a fresh start! A living room with neutral colours such as white or crème has been something common everywhere. Ever thinking about freshen up a bit? Try out lime green living room decorating ideas, either it is from the furniture, the floor, or the walls itself. Green has been related with the greenery of the leaves, trees, and bushes. Psychologically it is a colour for our mind to refresh, while our eyes rest. So how do you arrange your room with lime green living room decorating ideas? We can find out more below:

Colour mixing the lime green.

In green space living room, the furniture used such as the sofas the coffee table or the bookshelf can be accented with the colour green A lime green colours is already an eye-catching colour, because lime green is a green with a bit yellow in it, and that’s what make it so vibrant. Try not to mic lime green with more than one other colours, it may hurt your eye out of out-proportioned used of colour in room.

Mixing a lime green colour is best with white in a room, it makes the illusion of larger space, and modern naturalistic design. Meanwhile if you mix lime green colour with orange or slight red, it’ll make a more oriental yet warm feeling, just like a salad with bacon in it. And if you are being creative you can try combining it with purple too, Purple and green is opposite colours, if you use it well it won’t turn out like the colour of Hulk when he’s mad.


You can try these examples, a lime green living room decorating ideaswith lime green coloured wallpaper on one wall while the other walls in the same room is white. Pair it with another darker green sofa and glass coffee table that has wooden legs. You can add some sheer curtain that has almost an invisible trait to make your room modern and spacious while maintain the freshness of it.

Or another idea like all green painted walls with red exotic almost vintage bookshelf and sofas. A lime green living room decorating ideas mixed with red can be troublesome out of both vibrant colour. But when if you nail it, it will turn out to be the least boring room ever. For the nuance, you can burn some essence in this lime green and red living room, so it can make you at least be more inspired.

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