4 Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Kitchen is where a family is gathered, where a daughter help her mom cooking, while a father and her son enliven the atmosphere joking and laugh together in the kitchen. But, how a small kitchen can be such a comfortable room to a family gathering? The answer is by spicing up the kitchen with little bit improvement will make a small kitchen can be an enjoyable place to family time. So, these are 4 small kitchen ideas on a budget that you can apply to yours.

Start with walls and floors

This is the most essential and the cheapest thing to make an improvement for a small kitchen. Repaint your kitchen with some light colors to make the kitchen bigger visually and more colorful. Pastel colors would be the perfect ones. It is better to use satin paint for your kitchen walls which usually easy to become greasy. After that, you can install linoleum floors. This type of floor can be installed without professional help and easy to clean which is inexpensive in maintenance.

Spice up the cabinets

Another one of small kitchen ideas on a budget is by replacing the boring cabinet storages with the new cheap ones. You can remove the cabinet doors, and replace them with some wooden baskets. Do not forget to sand and coat them with a fresh wood finishing. It will give a rustic impression to your small kitchen. Also, this kind of improvement is inexpensive.

Playing with the countertop

This one of small kitchen ideas on a budget may be little bit more expensive than the previous, but this can make your kitchen looks more elegant than it is although is on budget. You can paint your countertop with acrylic craft paints and seal them with high gloss sealers. Otherwise, you can laminate your countertop which will offer you numerous patterns and styles that you can choose. This improvement can make your countertop looks as close as possible with granite or marble which of course significantly expensive.

Mind the other elements

The last small kitchen ideas on a budget are also important as the previous. You can change the curtains with your DIY ones by buying the fabric and sewing them as you like which is cheaper than buy the new ones. And then, change the faucet with the simple one, it will make your kitchen looks more fresh. You can also repaint and refinish the furniture with a new coat of paint and seal with glossy sealant which are surely far from expensive improvement.

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