3 Tiny Living Room Ideas for Spacious Look

Having living room with small space can be challenge. The lack of space may make it hard to design the room aside from being functional. However, for those who have small living room and have no idea how to personalize the room without sacrificing the functional aspect, here are some tiny living room ideas to design the room and manipulate the space in order to create compact and sleek design.

  1. Start With Bright Color

Bright color reflects much sun light that it helps the lighting of the room and creating the illusion of bigger room. Vibrant color can also help to make the room look fresher and less suffocating. Colors like yellow, orange, sky blue, lime green are among the best bright color choice to lighten up the room. Combine the bright color with soft colored furniture like pastel, crème, rose, ivory, and many more. In case the room becomes too bright with all those color, one of trick in tiny living room ideas is by adding rug with dark to soft color like maroon, champagne, or soft brown color.

  1. Bunk Furniture for Efficiency

In a tiny living room, it barely can store many decorations in it. Therefore, it will need some modification of furniture in order to be able to put many decorations in the room. By doing so, an owner can buy bunk furniture like bunk book case, bunk shelves, and many more. Rather than extend in horizontal, bunk furniture usually is designed with one on top of the bottom and take space vertically. This one of tiny living room ideas will help to cut space without having to make it like the room loses its functionality. The room can still have mini library, the room can still have drawer to store things or to put some decorations.

  1. Mirror for Illusion of Bigger Room

A similar trick with the bright color one is by placing mirror. Mirror helps to reflect the light as well as the object in front of it. Hence, it will look like the room has many spaces for furniture when it is just reflection of one. The mirror doesn’t have to big one like in a bedroom but like mirror in the door, above the drawer or shelves with mirror on it can do well. Mirror with thin frame can also do well to make space in the room. That is all tiny living room ideas to beautify and extend the space of the room.

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