3 Different Types and Patio Design Ideas

What is patio? A patio is a paved outdoor area which connecting a house. Generally, patio is used for recreation or dining. The term ‘patio’ is come from Spanish which means different (inner courtyard). The common materials for building a patio are stone, concrete, tiles, cobbles, and also bricks. Plants and outdoor furniture are used to decorate patio. If you are dreaming of a different retreat when you can connect nature or you want to have an extravagant space built for serious outdoor entertaining, then a patio is really suit to your house, budget, and also lifestyle. Patio can be built in any size, shape, pattern, and color that you can imagine. Plus, new options in outdoor furniture such as kitchens and other facilities can make your house’s outdoor spaces as inviting as its interior. Before you start laying pavers or pouring concrete, you should learn patio design ideas to know the latest trends in flooring, furniture, lighting, and more.


  1. Concrete patio

Although the choices for flooring seem endless, but concrete patio is the most common and useful patio flooring option. For your information, pouring concrete can be shaped into any pattern and color. Not only it can be cored and swirled, but concrete patios as patio design ideas can also shaped into pattern, tinted a subtle or bold color such as blue or red, and formed into stone-like shapes.

  1. Paver stone

The fans of interlocking stones have been gaining in recent years. Paver stone are four time stronger than concrete for flooring option. It is also earthquake resistant and easy to replace and remove if something go wring underneath the patio. The example is when you have a pipe that broke underneath, then you can pull the stones out and fix the pipe without worrying that the design will look patched if you place everything back the way it is. This is the advantage of this patio design ideas. When you choose regular concrete, if something wrong then it will never match it just the way it was before.

  1. Patio edging option

Edging in patio is a barrier that keeps overgrown grass and weeds at bay. It is also built to protect the edges of flooring. Patio edging can be made of cement blocks, stones, brocks, or gravel. You can also use flower beds as patio edging, it will make a splash of color in the barrier. The most common patio design ideas for edging are concrete edging and color-stamped edging.

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