Inspiring Interior Design for Living Room

Interior designers don’t follow any secret rule book when it comes to interior design for living room. There are no fast and hard laws governing what they do. Since they are creative types by nature and they love to dream, explore, love, and following their institution when they design something. That said, there are some principles which guide interior designers to get a great result every time. Most interior designers are just tried some things which work. Actually, there is no skill or trick which take years to master. Anyone, including you, can design your living room easily. Here’s our tips!


Tips for Interior Design Living Room


  1. Don’t place too much furniture

The first tip of interior design living room is resist overcrowding a room. This is a really great tip if you are in a tight budget. You don’t have to fill up a living room with lots of furniture. Spend more of your budget to buy better quality furniture and your living room will look better. Although flea market furniture is more tempted but please only invest your money to but best furniture for living room such as comfortable couch which stand out because they don’t need to fight for attention.


  1. Hang artwork

When you visit museum or galleries, usually the artwork hangs in the mid line (center) of each piece between 55 inches to 60 inches from the floor. You can apply this method when you want to hang some artwork in your living room. Because the average human eye level is around 55 inches so you can do the same. When your ceilings in living room soar, there might be a tendency to hang the artwork higher but you need to consider human scale not the artwork’s scale. Take a picture of your living room can help you to sense of whether you need large or small artwork or a tall plant to fill a vacant spot.


  1. Create a main point.

In any production, there are leading roles and supporting roles members. It’s the same in interior design. Choose a furniture then make it the main point in your living room. Allow other items to take supporting role. Don’t choose more than one furniture to be the main point because it will result in visual voice. You choose an art piece, lighting, or fireplace as your main point.


That’s three tips for interior design for living room.

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