3 Floating Shelf with Drawer to Beautify Room

There is a new trend in interior design where efficiency and aesthetics are fused together. Floating shelf with drawer is one of them. This new design of shelf has multifunction. The shelf can function to showcase stuff while the drawer is to keep stuff inside. There are many designs of this type of shelf. The design can be adjusted with the design of the room. Here are some designs of floating shelf along with the drawer type that can be installed at home.

Wooden Floating Shelf With Drawer

A floating shelf made from wood to be installed at home. The wooden shelf will match the earth tone or nature concept of a room. The dark to brown color of the wooden material will give calming vibe to the room. The wooden material may be a bit heavier than the steel or plastic one but the material will give classic flavour to the room. Moreover, wooden shelf can be made by yourself without having to buy it at store. Wooden shelf is suitable to showcase historical statue or childhood photos of family.

Steel Floating Shelf with Drawer

The steel material for the shelf is now a trend among interior enthusiast. Steel material is light in weight, and also long lasting. The material also gives sleek look that suitable for modern room design. Since steel is sleek, it is best to use it to showcase non utility stuffs like favourite collection of antique stuff and etcetera. The steel shelf may need extra care especially to keep its sleek look. Try not to store liquid stuff to prevent them to spill to the shelf or drawer.

Floating Shelf with Drawer and Glass

A shelf and drawer that used glass will create classy and modern look. The glass can help to protect the inside of the drawer and shelf while still showcases them. This kind of floating shelf is also good for showing book collection. The cost of floating shelf and drawer with glass may be more expensive but it worth the aesthetic and the functionality of this type of shelf. Place this drawer in living room or in bed room to showcase book collection, figurine and many more.

That is all types of floating shelf with drawer that can be installed at room in the house. Make sure to choose one that matches the design of the room as well as which stuff will be put in it. The last, consider the budget before choosing the design of the shelf.

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