3 Best Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas You Should Try

Normally, when it comes to bedroom, we will pay attention to the bed and the whole decoration thing for the wall, but window actually is important part of a room as well. Window helps better ventilation and also the look of the room. Thus taking care of the window is important. Here are some bedroom window treatment ideas that can be applied in any room.

Decorate It With Curtain

This sound like the essential stuffs, of course window needs to be covered during night so the wind will not get inside the room. But curtain doesn’t apply only to shield the window but it can also be the decoration of the window. There are two types of curtain, one that is pulled upward and one that is pulled to the sides. Just one that suit your taste and if the window is in vertical rectangular, it is better to choose the pulled upward curtain for it is more efficient and if it is tall, you will have no difficulty to pull it down. Match the color of the curtain with the general color concept applied in the room to create balanced bedroom window treatment ideas.

Put Pot of Fresh Plants

To add a nature feel to the bed room, some plants like flower or decoration plant can be put in window. It does not have to be the big one pot but a medium to small pot can do. It should be noted that one should not put too big or too many plants in the room, either way this one of excellent bedroom window treatment ideas can be disaster since plants produce carbon dioxide at night so it will not be good for health. If the window happens to be near the bed, a fake, but fresh-looking plant can also replace the real one to avoid any harm. Don’t forget to take care of them so it will never cease to look fresh.

Clean The Window Sill Regularly

The aesthetics aspect of a room is important but the cleanliness of it is also important. Make a plan to clean the window sill and all of its part regularly. It can be done during weekend or at least once in a month. Use cleaning liquid and sponge to kill the fungus and plaque in the window glass. Also wash the curtain regularly for it to be clear of dust. All the cleaning will help to complete the bedroom window treatment ideas for pretty and clean bed room.

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