3 Beautiful Types of Oriental Rugs Around the World

Rug has been a great complement for a room, especially for living room. There are many types of rug, from the infamous Persian rug, Caucasian rug, to Oriental rug. One of the most searched type of rug is Oriental rug. There are many types of Oriental rugs. Here are some of the well-known and unique Oriental types of rug to choose from and to beautify the room.

  1. Ikat Rugs

Ikat rugs are among one of the oldest design of rug. Ikat rug has unique look with over dying color combined with dyed color and also tribal design. Ikat rug has spread widely from Peru, Japan, India to Yemen. The tie knot usually is dyed in color. The number of knot is considered as not as many as any other types of oriental rugs. Therefore, ikat rug usually is less expensive than other types.

  1. Chobi Zegler

Chobi Zegler is among the classic type of rug. The name is derived from Persian word Chobi that means wood and Zegler is the name of company that produced the rug in early age. This is the rug that among types of oriental rugs is considered to be the traditional kind of rug with muted and soft color dominate the rug design. Chobi Zegler is a good choice of rug to design a vibrant-colored room so the muted color of the rug will balance the room.

  1. Kilim Rugs

Kilim rug is famous for its atypical look for a rug. While many types of Oriental rugs usually rely on circular pattern and soft colored one, Kilim Rug comes as its name means ‘spreading roughly’. Kilim rug usually has less plush knot and is not as thick as other types of rug. The pattern of shape in the rug is also dominated by geometric shape. Kilim rug is good for those who want not too classical look and less heavy to be placed in their rooms.

  1. Silk rug

As the name suggest, silk rug is the type of rug that has some silk material in it. With silk in it, the texture of the rug is soft and plus. It also needs extra care since it contains silk fiber in it. The silk material gives fancy look and comfy texture, but the price will be considerably high the more silk is in the rug. This is among the less cheap types of oriental rugs that suit for premium look in a room.

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